Other spares of HT

reference hardness block
rockwell test block
rockwell hardness standard test block
rockwell hardness blocks
brinell hardness test blocks
brinell test block
vickers hardness test blocks
vickers test blocks
hardness test block

Other spares of Hardness tester :

Poldi Test Bars

Size: 11 x 11 x 150mm
12 x 12 x 150mm
14 x 14 x 150mm
Hardness Range : 180-230 HBW

With and Without NABL Logo
Test Certificate

Standard ‘D’ Test Block

HRC 20 to 60 or HV 100 to 800

With NABL logo

For Rockwell Scale Certification as per  IS 1586 (Part I, ISO 6508-1: 2016, ASTM E18 standard

Standard ‘G’ Test Block in Brinell

HBW 100-200

Certification as per 1500 Part 1, ISO 6506-1:2014, ASTM E10 standard

Indenters  of Hardness tester

1/16″, ¼”, 1/8″, ½” &  2.5 mm , 5 mm

Without certificate

Diamond Indenter , Vickers Diamond indenters

With Factory certificate

Dial Gauges

Dia 200 mm Flat Table

Dia 70 mm Vee Anvil

Raised centre table

Eye ball anvil

Shallow vee anvil

Cylindron anvil

Dia 40 mm Vee table

Dia 50 mm Flat table

Dia 100 mm Flat table

Vari Rest

Jack rest

Jominy Fixture

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