Standard Vickers Test Blocks

rockwell hardness blocks


  • Calibrated as per ISO 6507-3, IS 1501 (Part 3) and/or ASTM E92 (Annex A4)
  • Calibrated at Fmi Calibration Laboratory, NABL accredited (ISO/IEC 17025:2017)
  • Specially curated high-quality steel, aluminium and brass material
  • Specially designed heat treatment and cryogenic treatment to achieve maximum long term hardness stability, consistency and repeatability
  • Mirror surface finish by grinding, lapping and diamond polishing
  • Calibration traceability: Vickers test blocks are calibrated using a standardising hardness testing machine which is directly and indirectly calibrated as per the requirements of ISO 6507-3 and ASTM E92 annex A2; using instruments traceable to SI system of units realised at NPL-India, NPL-UK, IMGC, NIST or PTB either directly or through NABL/UKAS/NVLAP/A2LA/DAkkS accredited laboratories.
  • LASER marking on the surface of hardness value, Serial number, lab logo and reference indent location.
  • Optional hexagonal LASER grid marking
  • Available in shapes: Φ50 mm and Φ64 mm
  • Recommended key usage: Perform Indirect verification/calibration of hardness testers as per ISO 6507-2, IS 1501 (Part 2) or ASTM E92 annex A1, periodic quality control checks/intermediate checks, daily verifications, etc.

Available hardness scales and ranges as below

Standard Vickers Test Blocks 


Hardness Range

Material / Size

HV-5,HV-10, HV-20, HV-30, HV-50 


Aluminium or brass  /

 Dia 64 mm 

HV-5, HV-10, HV-20, HV-30, HV-50

120-200,200-300,300-400, 400-500,500-600,600-700,700-850

Steel / Dia 64 & 50 mm 


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