What is hardness test block?

What is hardness test block?

Calibrated test blocks are an integral part of hardness testing. They ensure accuracy, integrity and traceability of hardness testing processes. They are used to verify instruments performance and provide a means for performing indirect instrument calibrations. Critical. Trusted In The Industry.

rockwell hardness standard test block

What are hardness test blocks made of?

Our hardness test blocks are manufactured by selected steel and aluminium producers with excellent experience in the production of homogeneous material.

What are the 3 tests used to test hardness?

The three most commonly used are the Brinell test, the Vicker’s Diamond test, and the Rockwell test. All three methods involve indentation of the material. The hardness is calculated by measuring the force applied and comparing this to some geometrical aspect of the indentation such as the surface area or depth.


Which hardness test is best?

The Rockwell method is the most universal because it uses both a penetrating diamond cone and a penetrating steel ball to measure the hardness of a material. The diamond cone can only be used on hardened steel and hard metals. It is not recommended below 785 N/mm² hardness. The steel ball is used with softer materials.

How does the hardness test work?

A hardness test is typically performed by pressing a specifically dimensioned and loaded object (indenter) into the surface of the material you are testing. The hardness is determined by measuring the depth of indenter penetration or by measuring the size of the impression left by an indenter.

What is Product Specifications of hardness test block?







50 mm dia

Surface Treatment









What Is Features of hardness test block?

  • Flatness maintained within 0.010 mm
  • Subzero process for hardness test blocks
  • Demagnetized process done for all hardness block
  • Thickness maintained as per standard
  • With better accuracy and repeatability
  • With minimum measurement of Uncertainty
  • NPL, New Delhi calibrated Hardness Test blocks also available
  • Dispatched With safe Plastic or wooden box.
  • Your company name printed on test block test or calibration certificate
  • Hardness Test Blocks Tested and Calibrated with following Standards
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